Enjoy a spa in your backyard
Choose the bathtub you want from the widest range, the largest manufacturer in Lithuania.
We have produced more than 6,600 tubs
We export to 11 European countries
Every manufactured tub is tested with water
Reliable acrylic tubs
Why buy from Kubilas World?
Rest assured about the quality

A hot tub is a significant investment, so you’ll want it to last as long as possible and provide maximum comfort. This is guaranteed by technologically advanced materials, professional production process and quality control.

The most important components – acrylic inserts and stainless steel ovens – are manufactured in-house to ensure reliability under the highest quality control.

We test every tub by filling it with water and making sure all systems are working and tight, giving our customers the best buying experience.

The tub and accessories shipped to you are carefully inspected by a quality specialist to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

Easily choose live or online

Choosing a hot tub from all the available options can be difficult. View live, talk to specialists, view detailed descriptions on our website – we will help you get what you really want.

Check out all the models in our physical showroom. Sit inside, feel the materials and explore the construction. Feel confident about what you are buying.

Saving your time, we consult at a distance, the usual Zoom or Google Meet. Learn the important details and check all the nuances you care about.

Create several options in the configurator, compare and make a decision that will please you for many years.

The widest assortment and flexible configuration

We are happy that we are the largest hot tub factory in Lithuania. This means that we offer our customers the largest selection of hot tubs and their components and apply certified quality control.
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Choose from several tub shapes and sizes, liner colors, stove types, and wood types. Create a unique product that fits perfectly in your garden.

Experience how an efficient system with a sand filter and UV lamp keeps the water impeccably clean for a long time.

Decide for yourself in which places and with what strength you want the water and air massage currents for the hydrotherapy effect.

Learn everything you need to know about hot tubs - live and online
Remote consultation

Maybe you have already seen our bathtubs in a factory or at a friend’s house? Reserve time for a video call to delve into the details of interest. We will show you everything and advise you.

We use Google Meet, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other video calling apps. Reserve consultation
Come to us

Want to climb into any model of tub (without water, of course) in our showroom and speak to a specialist live? We invite you to arrive at the agreed time.

You can find us at: Pramonės st. 7a, Virgainiai village, Raseiniai district, LT 60340 Reserve a meet
Attentive service before and after sales

Have an important question? Sales manager, experienced tub specialist Jaroslav Bogdanovic will explain any details in detail. Contact in the most convenient way for you.

Customers about us
Customers about us
Kubilų Pasaulis Most competitors
External or integrated oven
Tubs of several sizes
Four metallic colors
Four metallic colors
Austrian acrylic raw material, ISO certificate
Convenient selection of the number and placement of nozzles
Sand filter and UV lamp for better water quality
Testing of all systems under real conditions with water, testing each tub
Careful post-warranty service
Hydro massage + air massage
Air massage system with 12 nozzles
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